Soft Aluminum Extrusion


Admiral’s SOFT A BENDER is our unique tool custom designed to bend our soft aluminum retainers to almost any desired shape. Our perfect fit dies and quick release system allows you to bend our soft aluminum in record time without dents or kinks. The quick release system means no extra tools are required and the Soft A Bender’s sturdy construction makes it is easy to attach to any work space. This tool works great with most of our soft aluminum shapes.

  • Soft aluminum retainers can be bent with our SOFT A BENDER to almost any desired shape.
  • Although our soft aluminum is completely flexible, it maintains the strength of normal aluminum.
  • Soft aluminum is not limited like extruded aluminum straight lengths.
  • Soft aluminum will anneal and become harder over time and exposure to elements.

3/4" x 3/8" F - Retainer

1" x 5/8" F - Retainer

1-1/4" x 3/8" F - Retainer

1.5" x 1" F - Retainer

1" x 5/8" L - Retainer