Under Canopy

Under Canopy Signage

Under Canopy Signs are an easy way to provide identification in covered areas. Our 48” Under Canopy Signs are kept in stock and ready to ship.
Under Canopy Stats:
Length - 36.25", 48.25", 60.25", 72.25"
Width - 11.25" Wide Base
Depth - 12.5" Wide Base
Face - .150 White Modified Acrylic
Face - Wired with two Tombstone Sockets to receive one horizontal lamp, not included
Base - 0.63 Mill Finish Aluminum, Unsanded
Two Removable End Caps - 0.63 Mill Finish Aluminum
End Cap Trim - 0.63 Mill Finish Aluminum
Sanded End Cap Brackets (Supports) - .080 Mill Finished
Aluminum Transformer Housing (Lamp Tray) - .032 Mill Finished Aluminum Transformer Housing Lid
UL Listed